Engineering Seminars & Contractor Certifications

Slabjack’s technical support is provided by our Director of Engineering,  Dr. Howard Perko.  Dr. Perko is one of the industry’s foremost authorities on design and applications for Moment Frames, Helical Piers and Steel Push (resistance) Piers.  His wealth of experience and knowledge is also made available to industry professionals through Magnum’s Engineering Seminar program for which attendees receive continuing education credits.

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Howard Perko, Ph.D., P.E.
Internationally recognized authority on helical pier applications for new construction, tiebacks, underpinning & related piering applications

Seminar Overview:
  • Engineering Helical Foundations for New Construction

  • Bearing Capacity

  • Minimum Length

  • Lateral Stability

  • Corrosion

  • Connection to Structures

  • Example Geotechnical Recommendations

  • Example Plans, Details & Specifications

Engineering Helical Foundations for New Construction
  • Pullout Capacity

  • Minimum Length

  • Connection to Wall Facing

  • Post Tensioning

  • Example Geotechnical Recommendations

  • Example Plans, Details & Specifications

Hydraulically Driven Push Piering Applications
  • Loads, Capacities & Field Testing

  • Foundation Repair Designs & Case Studies

Contractor Training and Certification

Magnum Piering prides itself on the best quality product and guarantee in the industry today. This starts with the best Engineering, Staffing, and Quality Inspection available. Magnum understands that to carry this from planning to final installation the installers must be also meet Magnums standards. In order to insure this Magnum has set up a rigid program that installers must follow. Once a contractor becomes a Magnum installer the company representatives schedule a time prior to the first job for attending a class. This class is held at a Magnum location and covers all aspects of products, sales, and installation.
The installer becomes familiar with choosing the right helical product or push pier for the job. This is based on tools for understanding soil conditions and building loads. The contractor becomes familiar with installation equipment for putting in the right size pile to the right depth.
Magnum then instructs the installer on quality assurance to make sure the products are performing as specified. This part of the class reviews torque monitoring devices, pressure gauges, and pressure differential. Record keeping on projects is emphasized, and installation logs are created.
Once the contractor successfully completes this course he is now ready to install Magnum products. The contractor is then certified as a Magnum Installer. Then every year Magnum offers a Master Installer program for Contractors to advance and continuing education on new products and equipment.