Torque Motors, Installation Equipment, and Accessories

Slabjack supplies the helical pile and push pier industry nationwide with the best equipment available for installation in the most demanding situations. Whether your company specializes in helical piles for heavy commercial work or a simple deck behind a house we have a torque motor for you. Our motors start as small and portable as a 2,000 foot pound all the way up to 360,000 foot pounds of torque. The support staff of Slabjack can help size up the right pile and motor for your equipment and production demands. We have the ability to build any mount for any machine. When it comes to tight and restricted areas Slabjack can supply you with Hand Held Units and low clearance bail housings. We also offer the best warranty programs and service in the industry. Slabjack is dedicated to making sure your equipment is delivering the right amount of torque. We supply the best and most accurate torque monitoring devices available on the market today. They are available in both standard gauges or electronic with digital readouts and computer USB interface. For high production in tight places or hard to get to Slabjack offers a completely self-contained robotic excavator manufactured by Brokk Inc. To see how it works stop by the Slabjack showroom. So if you are looking for a new motor, parts, or service give us a call 1 855 876 5438, or stop by. We also keep certified gauges and relief valves in stock for your next helical project.

Digga Drive Units


Slabjack is a distributor of Digga torque motors. Digga's new generation anchor drive range is the ultimate in performance, quality and cost effectiveness. 31 years of design and development has produced the highest quality range of drives on the market today built. Backed up with industry leading warranty and factory backup. Digga planetary drives are specially designed for foundation and screw piling as well and setting ground anchors.

TORQ-PIN is a revolutionary new torque monitoring and data logging system that can fit any type of drive head. Where conventional differential hydraulic pressure readings can be 30% - 50% out, the TORQ-PIN monitoring system offers true torque readings that are 98%+ accurate! TORQ-PIN works simply by replacing your current OEM drive head mounting pin(s). There is absolutely no loss of boom height which can occur with other syst                                                                            


Utilizing strain gages, internal CPU, RAM and other electronics, the TORQ-PIN can guarantee highly accurate, real time torque readings. An inclinometer built into the TORQ-PIN ensures that you maintain a consistent angle of insertion. The TORQ-PIN software records important data such as pile number, final torque, peak torque and elapsed time. This data can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet and transferred by e-mail or memory stick to your engineer/customer.


Consistent and real time monitoring of torque will prevent over-torque which can often result in pile failures (piles sheared or buckled). The inclinometer also removes the need (and associated risk) for personnel to stand beneath the drive head to assist the operator in maintaining a proper insertion angle.