Magnum Moment Frames

Magnum Moment FramesTM consist of a manufactured assemblage of steel columns and beams in rectilinear arrangement with rigid bolted moment connections. Resistance to lateral forces is provided by rigid frame action, which is the development of bending and shear forces in the frame members and joints. A moment frame cannot displace laterally without bending the beams and columns. Magnum Moment FramesTM are fast to assemble beneath an elevated home, as such, they minimize labor cost and accelerate the project. Steel sections are galvanized for long lasting support. After installation, the columns and beams can be wrapped with a variety of architectural finishes including pressure treated wood, vinyl, stone, and brick. The Magnum Moment FrameTM has the advantage in that the columns can resist hurricane wind and flood forces without the need for cross bracing or diagonal ties that would interfere with flood waters and dissect the newly created space below the home. Magnum Moment FramesTM are FEMA P55 compliant, ASCE 24, and IBC compliant. 

Steel moment frames have been in use for more than one hundred years, practically since structural steel starting being used in building construction. A steel moment frame was used in the first sky scraper ever built, the Home Insurance Building in Chicago, a 10 story structure with a height of 138 ft. Since then, steel moment frames have been used in buildings for generations. In the next hurricane, wouldn’t you want a steel moment frame supporting your home?

What Does This Mean For You As a Homeowner?

  • Large Spans Mean Less Columns – Big Cost Savings!

  • Less Columns Mean Less Piles – Big Cost Savings!

  • Most Frame Erection is Completed in Two Days – Big Cost Savings!

  • Steel Frames are Easy to Finish Architecturally. No Cross Bracing to Build Around.

  • Steel Frames Do Not Rot, Bow, Squeak or Have Bugs!

  • Steel Frames Do Not Sway like Wood Frames.

  • Large Spans Mean More Usable Space for Storage, Garages, Cars, Boats etc.

  • Magnum Frames Are Guaranteed Hurricane Proof!