Push Piers

Steel Push Pier Systems

Why Magnum Push Piers?

Magnum push piers quickly boost strength to existing footings, construction can proceed without pouring new footings saving time and money. Magnum push piers are used to realign and level existing walls. Magnum push piers are used in many projects rather than conventional crib and beam systems. Magnum push piers are all AMERCIAN MADE. Add Extra Strength to Your Existing Foundation Using Magnum’s Steel Push Pier System®.

Why Choose Slabjack

Slabjack is one of the industry leaders when it comes to providing high quality structure supports such as push piers, moment frames, and helical piles for construction companies.  Our location in Point Pleasant doesn’t only have a show room but it also has supplies in stock for jobs in the future and jobs that are currently being worked on.  You can call our location to discuss your current job or project with industry leaders and receive professional guidance to get the best products for your job.

How to Know a Structure is in Need of Push Piers

A structure will need push piers after the foundation has changed in some way.  This can include a change in the earth below the structure, weight displacement on the structure’s foundation for a long period of time, a poorly installed foundation, and many other changes.  Signs that the structure is in need of push piers can be:

•    Cracks in the concrete foundation
•    Structure separation from patio or deck
•    Doors and windows are more difficult to open and/or close
•    Cracks in the interior of your home (i.e. the dry wall)
•    Cracks in the exterior of your home
•    Gaps between the crown molding and ceiling
•    Sloped floors
•    Bowed basement walls

Whether you are a home owner that has noticed any of these signs in your house or a construction company that needs the supplies to stabilize the foundation of a structure, then call Slabjack today!  We are the industry leaders in push piers.

Your Foundation Is Now Ready To Carry The Additional Weight Of Your Raised Home!